I am using Eclipse since few years and always liked their basic settings of font and appearance, but few days back when I was debugging a large source code file, I had to scroll up and down a lot even though those code sections were just 30-40 lines apart. So I thought of changing font size to see more code in my small laptop screen and debug it fast, but to my surprise when I went to change font size in preferences section, I was confused with so many options shown to me. I can understand by giving these many options they are allowing users to customize every part of IDE but it could have been lot simpler. Anyways, I wasted lot of time to figure it out so, I am putting my findings here to help other poor souls like me.

  1. In Eclipse, go to Window > Preferences > General > Appearances > Colors and Fonts
  2. Don't panic if you see lot of options, go to 'Basic' node and select 'Text Font'.
  3. Click 'Change' button and change the font size as per your requirement.
Doesn't it look so easy when you read this article? It is, but for new users this is not at all intuitive.
Anyways, Happy coding!

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